IMPACT Partenaires

IMPACT Partenaires is an impact investing management company. We support entrepreneurs that generate remarkable social impacts (occupational integration, disability, apprenticeship), particularly in deprived urban areas. Our conviction is that only the value creation within profitable companies can generate a sustainable social impact. Discover our two initiatives to support entrepreneurs:

Key figures

under management
jobs in deprived areas
jobs for disabled persons
trained apprentices
supported companies


They talk about us

Yves Saby & Dominique Ientile
Associates / CEP Distribution

Our shareholders are true partner, very professional, beautiful people.

Stéphane Saal
President / STS

They are true partners.

Guillaume Boutet
President / 3prime

They helped me to develop faster and to build a strategy.

Arthur Filimon & Cyril Moussu
Associates / ArchiDéco

They are not only interested in our revenue and outcome, but in many aspects of our activity.

Frank Nataf
President / AUXI'life

They are really interested in AUXI’life, for who we are!

Marie-Hélène Delaux
President / Sabooj

A successful transmission is key to make a sustainable social impact. Who can understand this better than IMPACT partenaires?

Chafik Gherbi & Sharif Mosbah
Associates / Artère

We had the perspective to change our market positioning.

Mathieu Froidure
President / Urbilog

IMPACT put me through with the key partners of their network.

Guy Tisserant
President / TH Conseil

IMPACT is not only looking for financial rentability, they also help us generate a real social impact.

Romain Cholléton & Eric Le
Associates / Wrung

IMPACT partenaires never let us down.

Ingrid Maisonneuve-Chaine
President / Shopiles

They offer me availability, skills, attention and access to a high-quality network.

Stéphane Dahan
President / Securiview

I won a relationship beyond mere financial support.

Mathieu Boullenger
President / Plus Que Parfait

They gave much more than a simple financial investment.

Jérémy Settbon & Franck Berrebi
Associates / Recyc-Matelas Europe

They have a social vision of the company and take very fair initiatives.

Yacine Kara
President / Ecolotrans

We have a common vision of the present and the future.