Plus Que Parfait

Cleaning and recycling of office waste


Social reference of Seine-Saint-Denis, Plus Que Parfait is an identified actor of cleanliness. Impact Partenaires supports Mathieu Boullenger in the development of Plus Que Parfait, an “entreprise d’insertion” (company integrating the long-time unemployed), and its subsidiary, Le Petit Plus, an “entreprise adaptée” (company with more than 80% of disabled employees) involved in the recycling of office waste.


Date: December 2012

Manager: Mathieu Boullenger
Location: Saint-Denis (93), QPV"Gand Centre - Semard" and Le Blanc-Mesnil (93)

Investment type : Growth
Follow-up: Antoine Prigent
Impact: Handicap et Inclusion

Websites: and
Twitter : @LePetitPlus