Prostheses and orthoses for persons with disabilities


Prorobs (Orthea Innovation) designs, manufactures and applies orthoses and external prostheses, mainly for premature babies and multi-handicapped children. Its products make it possible to compensate for malformations or amputations of limbs. Orthea develops innovations, such as a ¾ side foam bed dedicated to children with multiple disabilities for better breathing, a “Freemousse” bed to take care of very preterm infants or a suitable respiratory mask. Finally, the company itself, through learning, forms the essential part of its applicators. Impact invests 800k € to participate in the creation of a regional leader.


Date : September 2015

Manager : Matthieu Robinet
Location : Rouen (76 ), ZFU "Le Plateau"
investment Type :
Growth Follow-up Anne-Gaël Vercken
Impact : Youth and Disability

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