Fight against food waste: COMERSO announces a € 2.2m fund raising

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Press release – 6 June 2016


To boost the deployment of its services to charitable organizations in France and abroad, COMERSO is strengthening itself with an investment of 2.2 million euros raised from the social investor IMPACT Partenaires, Aquiti Gestion and BPI France. This important fundraising marks a new stage in the growth of COMERSO, which gives priority to its development on the territory and to its R & D program.

COMERSO, a company specializing in the fight against food waste, offers a set of tools for collecting unsold goods from companies, including large-scale distribution, safe transport of products and distribution of donations to associations. The company relies on the latest available technologies to rationalize each stage of the collection and guarantee the best conditions of redistribution in short deadlines. By taking charge of all this logistics, COMERSO allows companies and associations to improve and secure their supplies and concentrate their efforts on the service of the most fragile.

This round will enable COMERSO to create some 20 direct jobs in order to cover, by the end of 2016, the entire French territory. The company will then continue its deployment in Europe. Over a five-year period, the company should collect more than 20,000 tons of food every year and indirectly create around one hundred integration jobs through its collaboration with the Envie network.

Pierre-Yves Pasquier, President of COMERSO: “Thanks to this opportunity, we will be able to develop COMERSO’s innovative solution throughout France and then in Europe, thus making it possible to link the mass distribution and associations to fight efficiently against food waste “

“COMERSO works well with all stakeholders who serve the needs of others: farmers, businesses, food retailers, associations that are as close as possible to the needs of those in difficulty. The strategy of IMPACT Partenaires is to accompany this collective movement which offers a professional integration in logistics for many people left the labor market. “Adds Thomas Delalande of IMPACT Partenaires.

Cyril Laugier notes that “the investment inCOMERSO is in line with the logic of accompanying regional companies by the tools of AQUITI GESTION. The social, societal and environmental values conveyed by this project and its founders quickly convinced us of the relevance of our involvement in this round. “


Comerso is positioned as the number one logistics and digital operator for the optimization of unsold goods destined for companies, free of charge for food aid associations. Comerso was created in 2013 by Pierre-Yves Pasquier and Rémi Gilbert. Comerso plays the role of intermediary by making the link between the large distribution and the associations, to optimize the redistribution of the goods, under the best possible conditions.

About IMPACT partenaires (

IMPACT partners is a social management company that accompanies companies generating remarkable social IMPACTs (jobs, integration, disability, apprenticeship), particularly in neighborhoods. IMPACT partners 3 supports these entrepreneurial projects through minority investments (from € 0.1m to € 4m) in equity.

The FPCI has been subscribed by BPI France, FEI, AXA, BNP Paribas, Malakoff-Médéric, Swen CP, Bouygues, FFP, Crédit Agricole regional banks in Brie-Picardie, Center-Est and Aquitaine, Employment and many individual investors.

About AQUITI Gestion (

Aquitaine Création Investissement (ACI) and AQUI-Invest are regional venture capital companies managed by AQUITI Gestion.

Established in 1998 on the initiative of the Aquitaine Regional Council, supported by the Aquitaine consular chambers, numerous banks (BPACA, CEAPC, BPIFrance, CIC, Crédit Agricole, BNP Paribas and Crédit Mutuel Arkea) EDF, Ballande, Gascogne, Guyenne and Gascogne), Aquitaine Création Investissement (ACI) is active in the regional economic development effort and aims to support and finance equity start-ups and SMEs in Aquitaine.

AQUI-Invest is a co-investment fund created by the Regional Council of Aquitaine with the support of the European Regional Development Fund. 100% owned by the Region, it is managed by AQUITI Gestion. AQUI-Invest carries out a dozen operations per year.

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Investments in Bpifrance’s equity are made by Bpifrance Investissement. Bpifrance, a subsidiary of the Caisse des Dépôts and the State, a trustworthy partner for entrepreneurs, supports companies from seed to quotation on the stock market, credit, collateral and equity. In addition, Bpifrance provides support and enhanced support services for innovation, external growth and export, in partnership with Business France and Coface. Bpifrance offers companies a continuum of financing at each stage of their development and an offer tailored to regional specificities.

The participants of the operation

Management Advisors:

Fundraising: MULTEAM (Paul Berrux)
Legal: ASTON (Olivier Sanviti, Christelle Le Naour)

IMPACT Partenaires and Aquiti Management Advisors:

Legal advice and due diligence: SBES (Sébastien Burget)
Due diligence accounting, tax and social: ACA NEXIA (Sandrine Gimat)

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