More than 1.2 million euros to accelerate the deployment of WebForce3 and train 1,500 web developers!

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Press release – May 10, 2016


The WebForce3 group, a network of schools offering intensive training courses for the web developer, is entering a new phase of acceleration and will have 25 schools by the end of 2016. This very sustained growth is supported by public and private partners who inject more Of 1.2 million euros in the network. In addition to the creation of around 100 direct jobs, trainers and center managers, the opening of new schools will enable the Webforce3 network to train 1,500 developers over the next 18 months.

Webforce3 has gone from 5 schools in the Paris region last summer to a dozen in France at the end of 2015. The openings will be accelerated and the network will count 25 schools at the end of 2016, spread over the whole territory. This rapid deployment illustrates the effectiveness of the Webforce3 educational model, which gives priority to the employability of its students as soon as they leave a 3.5-month course (35 hours a week). As a result, while the majority of Webforce3 training programs receive fragile and far-reaching audiences (dropouts, job seekers, etc.), the rate of return to work is already above 80%.

In line with the Grande Ecole du Numérique, WebForce3 was rewarded with the labeling of some 20 schools affiliated to the French network, completed in the capital by the Paris Code program launched under the aegis of The Mayor of Paris, Anne Hidalgo, to accompany innovative initiatives that respond to the shortage of web developers.

The social management company Impact Partenaires has chosen to invest in WebForce3 as of March 2016. “Our strategy is focused on entrepreneurs who generate remarkable impacts in terms of employment, integration, or learning. WebForce3 responds perfectly to this philosophy by allowing a large number of people in professional integration or reconversion to enter the labor market quickly and efficiently on the basis of a tried and tested pedagogy. “Said Thomas Delalande, Associate Director at Impact Partners.

For Alain Assouline, President of the Group, these supports enable WebForce3 to pursue its mission of innovative training for the professions of the web: “We made choices from the beginning by opening to all profiles. And it works! We rely on trainers themselves developers. Today we have everything in hand to respond to a shortage in the labor market and to allow 1,500 people to be well trained by the end of 2017. The list of companies that recruit our students is constantly expanding , Proof that the people we train acquire strong skills in a short time, that they are operational. ”

And Alain Assouline said that to train these 1,500 developers in 18 months, “We will also create a hundred direct jobs: we are constantly recruiting new experienced trainers, and we are looking for entrepreneurs with a good knowledge of the local fabric, Ready to lead our schools in every region where we settle. ”

Thomas Delalande considers that “Groupe WebForce3 has built an effective and efficient development model enabling it to meet the expectations of many territories, with a strong capillarity to accompany students wherever they are”

The school openings in May are located in Lille and Perray-en-Yvelines.

About WebForce3 (

To help combat unemployment and provide an alternative to dropouts, Webforce3, created in 2014 by Alain Assouline, President of the agency Les Argonautes, offers 3-month (490-hour) apprenticeship training sessions Web and mobile developer. Because of its organization and the quality of its teaching, it promotes the employability of candidates, as soon as they leave school. The training is aimed primarily at young baccalaureate or retraining professionals, but also at all people motivated and interested in the technical professions of digital.

About Impact Partenaires (

IMPACT Partenaires is a social management company that supports companies that generate remarkable social impacts (jobs, integration, disability, learning), particularly in neighborhoods.

The IMPACT Partenaires III fund supports these entrepreneurial projects through minority investments (€ 0.2m to € 4m) in equity. The FPCI has been subscribed by BPI France, FEI, AXA, BNP Paribas, Malakoff-Médéric, Swen CP, Bouygues, FFP, Crédit Agricole regional banks in Brie-Picardie, Center-Est and Aquitaine, Employment and many individual investors.

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